Nucleic Acid Purification Services

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DNA/RNA purification from any samples

We purify genomic DNA and/or RNA from cultured cells, freshly frozen tissue, FFPE, and body fluid (whole blood, serum, plasma, saliva, etc) from human or animals.  Our continuous technical innovations and improvements make us stand out from other service companies.  Our strict quality control and SOP implementation ensures proper sample record-keeping, and minimum cross-contamination risk. These high standards came from our research work in ultrasensitive mutation assays and viral load assays.

Listing of services and prices:

Genomic DNA (mini) from cell pellet $75.00
RNA (mini) from cell pellet $89.00
DNA from FFPE slides $109.00
RNA mini prep from FFPE slides $119.00
DNA and RNA from same FFPE $159.00
DNA from body fluid inquire
RNA from Tempus or PAXgene tube inquire
DNA and RNA from same sample inquire
DNA, RNA & protein from same sample inquire

Cost of purification from body fluid is dependent on the liquid volume (milliliters) of the specimen. 

Price higher if extraction involves organic solvents.

Volume discount and/or academic discount are available.

We are equipped with Nanodrop and Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 for nucleic acid characterization.




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