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Different Assay Formats

For each mutation or cluster of mutations, depending on the specific features of the target mutation site, several different mutation detection formats have been used to suit each researcher's needs.  These methods include:

  • mutant-specific PCR, hydrolysis (TaqMan) or non-hydrolysis probe real time PCR;
  • mutant-specific PCR combined with a PCR blocker to increase detection sensitivitity;
  • non-mutant specific PCR combined with a PCR blocker and DNA sequencing;
  • non-mutant specific PCR combined with a PCR blocker and melting curve analysis.

These methods offer different levels of sensitivity (5% to 0.01% mutant), the flexibility of detecting either one mutation at a time (mutant-specific PCR), or all potential mutations at the target site at once (sequencing or melting analysis), and being either qualitative (sequencing) or qauntitative (different format of real time PCRs).  Click here for a brief introduction of mutation detection methods.


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