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In addition to assay kits, we also provide plasmids that can be used to assist assay development in your own lab or be used for other purposes.  The following are plasmids carrying partial genomic DNA fragments.  We also have plasmids suitable for mammalian expression.  They carry different tags such as HA, myc, FLAG and GFP at either N- or C-terminus. 

    KRas codon 12/13 wild type PL-001
    KRas G12A (GCT) PL-002
    KRas G12C (TGT) PL-003
    KRas G12D (GAT) PL-004
    KRas G12R (CGT) PL-005
    KRas G12S (AGT) PL-006
    KRas G12T (ACT) PL-007
    KRas G12V (GTT) PL-008
    KRas G13C (TGC) PL-009
    KRas G13D (GAC) PL-010
    KRas G12D/G13D (GAT/GAC) PL-011
    KRas G12V/G13D (GTT/GAC) PL-012
    KRas codon 12/13 WT - codon 61 WT PL-013
    KRas G12V - codon 61 WT  PL-014
    KRas G13D - codon 61 WT  PL-015
    BRaf codon 600/601 wild type PL-021
    BRaf V600E(GAG) PL-022
    BRaf V600A(GCG) PL-023
    BRaf V600G(GGG) PL-024
    BRaf V600D(GAT) PL-025
    BRaf V600D(GAC) PL-026
    BRaf V600L(TTG) PL-027
    BRaf V600M(ATG) PL-028
    BRaf V600R(AGG) PL-029
    BRaf V600K(AAG) PL-030
    BRaf K601E(GAA) PL-031
    HBV rt204.ATG (YMDD) PL-041
    HBV rt204.GTG (YVDD) PL-042
    HBV rt204.ATA (YIDD) PL-043
    HBV rt204.ATC (YIDD) PL-044
    HBV rt204.ATT (YIDD) PL-045
    HBV rt180.CTG (WT) PL-051
    HBV rt180.TTG (WT) PL-052
    HBV rt180.ATG (180M) PL-053
    HBV rt181.GTT (181V) PL-054
    HBV rt181.ACT (181T) PL-055
    HBV rt236.AAC (WT) PL-061
    HBV rt236.AAT (WT) PL-062
    HBV rt236.ACC (N236T) PL-063
    HBV A1762/G1764 (WT) PL-071
    HBV A1762T PL-072
    HBV G1764A PL-073
    HBV A1762T/G1764A PL-074
    HBV G1896/G1899 (WT) PL-081
    HBV G1896A PL-082
    HBV G1899A PL-083
    HBV G1896A/G1899A PL-084
    HBV G1896T PL-085
    HBV G1897A PL-086
    HBV G1898A PL-087

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