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Reniguard Life Sciences Inc is a biotech company specialized in the construction, production, purification and analysis of biomolecules (DNA, RNA, protein) and cells, using conventional molecular, cellular, biochemical and immunological tools as well as proprietary technologies.

We function as a contract research organization (CRO) assisting our clients in their clinical biomarker studies and drug discovery & development activities.  We also develop clinical diagnostic tests.  Our mission is to improve clinical management of various diseases through our scientific research and innovations.


What We Do

  Biomarker identification & validation


  Nucleic acid purification service
  DNA detection & quantification
  DNA mutation detection & quantification
  DNA methylation analysis
  DNA methylation quantification
  DNA cloning & mutagenesis
  RNA quantification (RT-qPCR)
  RNA mutation detection
  Next-Gen Sequencing


  ELISA, Western blotting
  Biochemical assays
  Cell-based assays
  Expression cell lines
  Protein expression & purification
  Antibody engineering & expression
  Site-specific "knock-out" cell lines


  Mutation assay kits
       KRas, BRaf, HBV, and more...
       Novel qPCR technologies
       Unmatched specificity


  Custom assay development


About Us

We strive to provide exceptional customer service to our industrial and academic clients at the very best rates.  Our in-depth scientific knowledge, client-focused culture, and GLP quality control system ensure that the projects are completed with attention to details, collaborative and innovative approaches, customer flexibility, and uncompromised quality.

Scientists at Reniguard value scientific excellence and excel at technical innovations.  A number of cutting edge technologies, such as ultra-sensitive mutation detection, quenching probe melting analysis, methylation quantification without bisulfite treatment, novel HBV total viral load assay, and improved nucleic acid extraction methods, have been developed at Reniguard.  Several molecular assays are being developed and evaluated in clinical studies.  Our active R&D brings high quality and unique technologies to our clients.

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