Cloning and Mutagenesis Services

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DNA cloning made easy!

We are highly experienced in molecular cloning, subcloning, and site-directed mutagenesis. Simply send us your template DNA together with the sequence of your vector and insert and other requirements, and then wait for your clone DNA to arrive in the mail!  DNA sequencing is included in the service, and the sequencing data will be sent to you via email.  Normal turn around time is 5-10 business days depending on the complexity of the cloning project. 

Don't have a vector? We have a list of expression vectors with various tags (HA, 3xHA, Myc, FLAG, 6xHis, GST).

Here is the listing price for different cloning projects:

One-step cut & paste subcloning $310.00
One-step PCR subcloning $380.00
Site-directed mutagenesis $380.00
cDNA cloning from RNA preparation (< 1 kb) $1200.00


We also provide plasmid preparation service. Send in a small amount (ng) of plasmid DNA, we will do a transformation on the same day we receive it, and perform DNA purification and ship out the DNA the next day.  No time is wasted!

Plasmid mini prep $29.00
Plasmid midi prep $55.00
Plasmid maxi prep (regular) $75.00
Plasmid maxi prep (endotoxin-low) $99.00
Plasmid maxi prep (endotoxin-free) $150.00

* Endotoxin-low maxiprep is equivalent to Qiagen Endo-free purification.  Endotoxin-free maxiprep involves multi-step extractions to remove endotoxin to undetectable level.  Endotoxin detection service available.


Please inquire about our academic pricing!







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