Reniguard's R&D in Early Detection

Although the past two decades have seen remarkable advances in the development of oncological therapeutics and personalized cancer treatments, early detection/diagnosis remains the most effective way of saving lives.  Reniguard is developing mutation assays for the early detection and risk assessment of certain cancers.  Reniguard is also developing assays for the early diagnosis of drug-resistance during treatment of chronic hepatitis B.

Technical Innovations

Cancer is a genetic disease caused by mutations or a combination of mutations with epigenetic modifications.  These cancer-derived genetic materials, when detected from body fluids (blood, urine, etc), can provide useful information for cancer risk assessment, early diagnosis, post-surgery monitoring and prognosis purposes.  However, this requires the detection methods to be ultra-sensitive and preferably quantitative.  Body fluids contain normal non-mutated DNAs which suppress the detection of mutated DNAs.  As the amount of mutated DNAs is very little compared with the amount of normal DNAs at the early stage, detecting mutated DNAs is like finding "a needle in a haystack" .  Scientists at Reniguard have developed mutation detection technologies that have detection sensitivities as high as 0.1 - 0.001%.  This level of sensitivity makes early detection possible.  We also have strong expertise in other aspects of assay development that are crucial to early detection.








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